Friday, December 27, 2013

Buffaloes save their herder from a tigress

A Bandhavgarh tigress
I don't know how many saw the report of this rather unusual happening in the forests near Bandhavgarh

A tiger had made a kill and had taken it into the bush. A herder who had taken buffaloes for grazing got somewhat curious and went too close to the kill unaware of the fact that the tiger was hiding close by. As he neared the kill the tigress pounced on him and tried to drag him into the forest. As he screamed for help around a dozen buffaloes he had taken for grazing gathered around and attacked the tigress forcing it to leave the cowherd and flee. The herder escaped with minor injuries.

This is an incident which looks like one of its kind. Even in the nature channels that I keep watching I have seldom seen buffaloes coming to the rescue of even one of their kind ambushed by a lion in the African wild. Here a man, grabbed by a tigress, was rescued from literally the jaws of death by buffaloes which, kind of, ganged up against the tiger to save their herder.

Photo: from the Internet
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