Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bhopal Lokrang

The festival of Lokrang is is commencing today. There have been a spate of ads in the newspapers and one can see billboards on the
The decorated stage
streets. For the last 29 years the Department of Culture of the Government of Madhya Pradesh has been hosting the 5-day festival that commences on the Republic Day, 26th January. It is a festival dedicated to folk art of the country and, especially of the state. Madhya Pradesh basically is a tribal state with several tribes inhabiting its various regions. Each has its own rich culture with its peculiar performing and visual arts. Every year the festival displays the folk art of a specific geo-cultural region.

The Festival is held in the centrally located Rabindra Bhawan where the open-to-sky auditorium is used for performing arts, providing lavish entertainment to all comers for free. The stage is brilliantly decorated every year on the basis of a preselected theme. This year the theme is based on the source of Narmada. A folksy bazaar is also established in the surrounding grounds of the complex displaying tribal visual art, textiles, cuisine etc.

Those who haven’t had the occasion to visit the festival may 

find the photographs of some interest 

Photos: Bandana Bagchi

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