Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Look what they are doing to Indira Gandhi!


Regardless of her numerous faults she does not deserve what they are doing to her at Bhopal. Soon after her death a statue of her was installed at GAD Square, a square that used to be prominent at one time, being located on the highway that used to connect Bhopal to the outside world. To make the statue visible to everyone who entered the town they planted it plumb in the middle of the square.

The lady even now dominates the square facing west but what she is confronted with these days is not the oncoming traffic carrying strangers to the town but a jungle of iron scaffoldings to support a flyover that is being constructed for unhindered passage of BRTS buses. Another such jungle is coming up behind her on which the flyover will continue and then descend down to the level of the road.

 She is progressively getting sandwiched between the two sets of scaffoldings. It does not make a pretty picture and certainly does not do her the honours she deserves. Seems like, her sycophants have forgotten all about her and left her to suffer the ignominy of going under a flyover on which BRTS buses will go thundering down right over her head in not too distant future.

Perhaps, she deserves greater consideration. She could be moved to a more suitable place – say, one of the corners on the square which could be beautified to make it look little honourable. 

Photos: Bandana Bagchi
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