Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bhopal Notes :: 45 :: A raid in Bhopal that was well deserved

A bustling market of Bairagarh

The local newspapers this morning brought in happy tidings. They carried the happy news of a raid at the house of a BJP man who not too long ago was very close the centre of power in the state. The news had broken last night about the Income Tax officials’ raid at his premises which yielded, as has now become the norm, hidden crores of rupees in old banned currency and new high value currency plus quite a few silver biscuits.

The raid took place in his house in Bairagarh where a few BJP biggies of the Centre have also been hosted and entertained. The man concerned was given a position in the state a few years ago equivalent to the status of a minister of state. Proximity to power centre of the state probably had given rise to a sense of immunity from action against his wrong-doings.

His is a typical example of a good-for-nothing, unscrupulous man making good in politics and reaping the pelf that is associated with power. He is reported to have started off as a bus conductor from where he was summarily removed for indulging in manipulation of cash. That’s when he moved into politics and worked his way up getting closer and closer to local power centres. As he got identified with power and powerful people the next step was for him to get involved in wheeling and dealing. The money, mostly illegal, flowed in enabling him to buy more support – political or extraneous. Something like that is reported to have happened to him and the bubble that he had blown for himself to cocoon in has now burst around him.

Bairagarh is a suburb of Bhopal which has numerous rags-to-riches stories. Certainly not all have acquired the riches by honourable means. Inside the nondescript fa├žade of houses there is luxury paved at every inch. If properly investigated, this small suburb that hosts mostly wholesalers and traders can yield hundreds of crores worth of illicit wealth. Bairagarh is known for smart business where the only concern is personal profit without any obligation to society at large. Taxes are seldom paid. Here everything goes – from passing off ‘duplicate’ material as original to ‘hawala’ transactions in millions. That is why, as Balzac had said, behind every fortune in Bairagarh there are crimes – yes crime in plural, not in singular.

Reports say the searches are yet to be conducted in several other properties of this gentleman (?) We will be waiting for more revelations with bated breath, at the same time wait for some more raids on such delinquents and sinful for whom these, unfortunately, are hard times. 

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21st December 2016

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