Friday, January 20, 2017

Rahul Gandhi's puerile gimmicks

It seems to be time for Rahul Gandhi to shun puerile gimmicks like showing off his torn kurta to the audience in a public meeting. Displaying a hole in his kurta-pocket he mocked the Prime Minister for his smart turn-out and yet talking of the poor in the country. Looks like, he has forgotten that while his great grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru used to bring out his Seville Row suits whenever he visited England during the initial years after independence and yet he never ceased to talk of the poor of the country. Likewise, his grandmother, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was one of the most elegantly dressed prime ministers in the world. The beautifully draped expensive gifted or bought saris around her, well-coiffed hair and her imperious bearing were the stuff which she was associated with. And, yet she coined the slogan of “garibi hatao” (remove poverty) which she never attempted to do. Then why mock Modi? Even Rahul himself never stops talking of how he serves the poor but doesn't he realise that poor cannot fly away on vacations abroad like he does?

Some senior Congress leaders should tell Rahul that he should grow up and shed his obsession with Modi and take him on using some matters of substance. These gimmicks are not going to take him or the Congress anywhere.

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17th January 2016
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