Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A sixty years old photograph


The photograph alongside is going to be sixty years old in a matter of days. This was taken in 1957 at Shopian in Kashmir. The family, minus one brother, had gone to Kashmir for a vacation to second brother who was posted at Srinagar on a training post.

He is at extreme left and the third brother is between the two parents. He had just done his masters. The sister was celebrating her first summer vacation after being posted as a Lecturer in the MLB College Bhopal – then a girls’ college. And I was yet to complete my masters.

The camera used was Agfa Isolette Record III with the lens power of 4.5. It was kind of a bellow type camera that could take the films of only eight frames. Available with Mahattas of Srinagar then, my brother spent his entire month’s salary of Rs 350/- to buy it leaving my father to pick up the tabs for provisions and things during our stay. The film used was Ektachrome.

Shopian was a quiet picturesque place where we had gone for an outing. It was not like what it is today – a hotbed of militancy. Incidentally, it is Shopian where the newly built Mughal Road hits Kashmir.
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